My Writer's Block And Other Tales

WARNING!: Contents Under Pressure

I'm a Christian, and although I know that has many meanings for other people out there...what it means to me is that I am a person who chooses to follow, to the best of my ability, the Way of Jesus Christ. And it all starts with choosing how to be:

"Your Attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus..." (Phil 2:5 NIV)

My greatest accomplishments so far can be summed up in two words: My children. The rest remains to be seen.

The website is for a roleplaying character I have. I happen to also write a wee bit and the story on the webpage is just a small sample. (prolly not the best, but that's alright.) Yes, I accept book deals.;D

The user pics vary from time to time, the picture of the girl is drawn by Chris DiBartolo of somewhere in New York. If anyone knows him...he owes me money. Just kidding. (Sorta) Others are done by Annette White, formerly of Florida now of California.

One is a tag from Sluggy Freelance, a rather humorous, long running online webcomic that I invite you to become addicted to. (Again, kidding!)

I'm preachy, opinionated and somEtimes I will tell you exactly what you don't want to hear. But chances are, if I've made you mad...I've made you think about it in a way. And sometimes I don't even sound very "Christian" in the sense some people think one should. So, I'll forgive you of your missteps along the way and maybe you'll come to understand how to forgive me of mine. ;)

After all...this life is just a test, the real thing's coming soon...get ready, get set...and GROW!